To date and without any regular subsidies, more than

CHF 190'000 DONATED.

  • Migrants and refugees in the Greek island of Lesbos.
    IOM, International Office for Migration. To the benefit of vulnerable migrants
  • UNHCR, in favor of Syrian refugees
  • Biliki. Georgian association in favor of disadvantaged children.
  • PVA Geneva, Swiss association operating against HIV in Cameroon
  • Education for All in Sierra Leone, NGO giving access to education to the children of Sierra Leone
  • Geneva Call, NGO protecting civilians in armed conflicts
  • 1% for Development Fund, NGO created by United Nations staff members that has more than 700 projects around the world.
  • Grains of Peace, International NGO promoting educational solutions for peace
  • Bilifou, NGO promoting development, education and giving chirurgical assistance